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Zack Van Arsdale was born in Flint, Michigan, the son of a career military man. His mother is an avid country music and Grand Ole Opry fan. He grew up in the states of Kentucky, California, Texas, and Utah. He also spent his formative years in Yokohama, Japan, and Paris, France. After graduating from high school in Paris, he continued his education at Michigan State University.

arly into his career, Zack came to Nashville, and signed as a staff writer with Buckhorn Music Co. along with Kris Kristofferson. In 1970, he signed with Cedarwood Publishing under the direction of J. William Denny. During the "out-law" era of country music, Zack spent two years as a creative manager for Tompall Glaser's company, Glaser Music, and Waylon Jennings' Co.,, Baron Music. In addition, Zack worked with Mel Tillis as a staff writer at Saw Grass Music Co. Currently all these companies are owned by Polygram Music Publishing Company.

olk singer Joan Baez was first to recognize Zack as a writer when she released "Tumbleweed" as a single. Jerry Lee Lewis reached #17 on the charts with "I'll Find It Where I Can", a song Waylon Jennings also recorded. Joe Sun, best known in Europe, recorded two of Zack's compositions. Then Jesse Colter recorded "Love Me Back To Sleep" as a single and Marty Robbins did "Lady I Love You". The blues group, The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose recorded a song co-written with Blues Singin' guitarist Fred James.

Director/Actor Dennis Hopper included Zack's song "Sympathetic Scarecrow" in the film The Last Movie. After huge success with Easy Rider, he invited Zack to live with him in Taos, New Mexico, where he appeared as Dennis' side-kick troubadour in the movie The American Dreamer. This started a brief acting career which later included small roles with Burt Reynolds, Joe Don Baker, Jerry Reed, and Bo Hopkins. He has been on the road with Bob Dylan, Waylon Jenning, Joan Baez, Willie Nelson, And Kris Kristofferson.

ack has recorded seven albums in Nashville featuring his original material. Performing with his band, Zack has ventured from Nashville, to Austin, Houston, and Fort Worth, Texas; Los Angeles, CA.; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, PA.; and several of New York City's hottest clubs. His style includes Country, Rock 'n Roll, with some excellent Pop Ballads. He is an accomplished pianist, guitar player, and band leader. Zack is currently marketing material from Zack Van Arsdale Music and performing locally in Nashville clubs with his band, while fervently pursuing his fourth recording contract.

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