"Born Too Late"

Verse 1:

Well, I'd ride shotgun on a Wells Fargo stage
From Santa Fe out west to the Frisco Bay
Lord I'd stop and smoke the sagebrush
And get to Californ for the gold rush
A singin' Oh Susanna all the way

Verse 2:

And just once I'd like to ride with Jesse James
And spend the night in Deadwood lovin' on Calamity Jane
I'd co-write a song with Stephen Foster
And a book like old Mark Twain
Back when slow was a riverboat and speed was still a train


But Lord... Lord I was born too late
So now I'm longin' for them good ole days
Back when the wild west was won
Back when everything to do hadn't already been done
Lord.. Lord I was born too late

Verse 3:

I'd rather ride bare back than buy me a new Cadillac
Cause these days everybodys truckin' nowhere fast
Before Henry Ford the air was fit to breathe
Cause there weren't so many damn factories
And one little button couldn't blow us all away

[repeat chorus]

© Zack Van Arsdale Music
& Flashville Music BMI