"Sympathetic Scarecrow"

Verse 1:

Who nailed you up there

And strung you limb from limb
Who failed to judge you fair
Were you betrayed by a friend

Verse 2:

Where was your father then (and)

Why didn't he set you free

Did you sacrifice for my sins

And other children like me


Sympathetic scarecrow
Where are you these days
Sympathetic scarecrow
Come chase all our black crows away...

Verse 3:

Why did they take your life away
Has love always been a crime
Are you hangin' there to scare away
The wicked crows off the line

Verse 4:

When are you comin' down again
From your weather-ridden cross
To take up your crown again
Covered by centuries of moss

[repeat chorus]

Verse 5:

Can I see you on a sunny day
Your spirit wavin' in the wind
Watchin' over a field of hay (souls)
Until the harvest time begins

[repeat chorus]

© Zack Van Arsdale Music
& Flashville Music BMI