"Too Country For Country Radio"

Sounds like a hick from the sticks
When he picks and when he plays
Too much twang when he sang
Hillbilly songs on the stage
Record man said, "I think I'll pass,
Find me a college kid with more class
Dirt-farm-boy you still smell like new-mown hay"...

He's too country for country radio
Won't get no air-play outside of Tupelo
Them L.A. D.J.'s are gonna say
He sings with too much southern soul
He's too country for country radio...
Won't smash his guitar to be a star
Says it oughta be against the law
Got his start singin' from the heart
On a flatbed truck haulin' straw
He don't strut like Mick Jagger
Just picks like Chet and sings like Haggard
Said he'd rather be a rebel without applause.

Repeat Chorus

Where's the gimmick, where's his hat,
Where's the hair and flashy clothes?!!!
These days it ain't how ya sing boy,
It's what you wear and who you know
If ole Hank walked in today
Would that same record man say;
"I can't sign you these days on music row!!!!"

Repeat Chorus


He said, Y'all can kiss my act
When the real thang comes back
If I'm too country for country radio"!!!!                                                                 

© Zack Van Arsdale Music
& Flashville Music   BMI