"Tumbleweed (Slave To The Wind)"

Verse 1:

(Sometimes) I feel like a lonesome tumbleweed

Rolling across an open plain —
I feel like something she no longer needs
I feel my life drifting away —
Just drifting away —

Verse 2:

And I feel like a broken wagon wheel
When I can't jump on a slow movin' train
And now I know how a coyote feels
When I'm out howlin' just to ease the pain —

Since she went away —


So Lord I feel like rollin'
Rollin' along —

And keep your winds a blowin'

'Till my natural days are gone,

'Till my natural days are gone —

'Feel like a lonesome tumbleweed
Always turnin'end over end —
'Cause once you pull all your roots free
You become a slave to the wind,
I've been a slave to the wind —

[repeat chorus]

© Zack Van Arsdale Music
& Flashville Music BMI